Map of 2018 Cross-Country Bicycle Tour

My 50th High School Reunion Tour

Day 1-2May 13-14Santa Rosa to Sacamento CA
Day 3-4May 15-16Sacamento to Plymouth CA
Day 5-6May 17-18Plymouth to Kirkwood CA
Day 7-12May 19-24Kirkwood CA to Eureka NV
Day 13-15May 25-27Eureka to Baker NV
Equipment used

I was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This is the 50th anniversary of my high school graduation so I decided to travel back to the reunion by bicycle.

This trip is something of a reprise of my first long-distance, self-supported bicycle tour back in 1996. The end points are the same (my home in Santa Rosa, California to Gettysburg) but the route is different. This time, the entire route is based on maps from Adventure Cycling.

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