2007 Gourmet bicycle tour, Day 3

Tuesday June 26, Taylorsville to Chester

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Elevation profile for day 3
43 miles, 2139 feet of climb (200 ft/division)

Map for day 3

Today is the day we change campgrounds. We had to take down the tents and pack everything into the trailer. Some folks drove the vehicles between the campgrounds, but I and eight others went by bicycle.

Panorama of the dam at Lake Almanor

We decided to go by way of the bicycle path which follows the south shore of Lake Almanor. Gary knows a secret entrance to the path. It is via an old road which is closed to vehicles, but passable by bicycle with little difficulty.

Cyclists looking across the lake at Mount Lassen While riding, suddenly we came out of the trees and saw the lake with Mount Lassen in the distance. We're going to climb it in three days.

Silhouettes of cyclists against the lake Later we stopped to eat beside the lake.

Gary also knows a secret exit from the path. It is through a rich neighborhood with big houses and expensive cars and boats in the driveways.

Sue taking photos of a horse and two foals in a field The Gourmet group has a custom of giving gifts. The first day of the tour, each person draws a slip with the name of some other person. Nobody knows who got whom. The last day, you're supposed to give a little gift to your chosen person. Sue and I stopped in the town of Chester at a thrift store to look for gifts. We also bought some camping plates to replace our old ones that broke.

Tonight while we were eating dinner, Dave Allen arrived in his camper. Dave was the founder of the Gourmet group over 25 years ago. He will accompany us for the last four days.

Dave and Bob playing as the audience looks on
Video #1 (.avi) Video #2 (.avi)

After dinner, we enjoyed a concert by Dave on his violin and Bob on his guitar. They both are fine musicians and they played and sang a number of folk songs as the sun set over the lake. I recorded a bit on my digital camera in video mode. Unfortunately I missed Bob's song "Garbage" but I did manage to get a few seconds of two others.

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