Ham radio articles and other publications of N1AL

Schematic of gate-dip oscillator

Magazine articles:
A Spice Bottle Logic Probe, QST, June 2012
A Transistor Tester in a Tin, QST, January 2012
A Fan Controller for the MFJ-4125 Power Supply, QST, February 2010
A Lightweight Homemade Keyer Paddle, QST, June 2009
Some Thoughts on Crystal Parameter Measurement (letter), QEX, September 2008
Magnetic Coupling in Transmission Lines and Transformers (letter), QEX, November 2006
VHF/UHF Mobile Propagation, QST, August 2006 (won cover plaque award)
Stabilizing Eagle, AMSAT Journal, Volume 29 Number 2, March/April 2006
The Eagle Sun and Earth Sensors, Project Oscar Space Symposium, April 2004
Power Factor (Technical Correspondence), QST, April 2004
(Also have written four other TC articles in QST over the years)
Making Sense of Sensors, Proceedings of the AMSAT-NA 22nd Space Symposium, 2004
A Modern GDO - The "Gate" Dip Oscillator, QST, May 2003
Inexpensive Interference Filters, QST, June 1994 (won cover plaque award)
Active Filters, QST, July 1980 (won cover plaque award)
An Audio Clipper/Filter, QST, August 1977
Hal DS-3000 Video Display Terminal & ST-6000 Demodulator (Product Review), QST, May 1977
A Simple 160-Meter Converter, QST, February 1975
2012 ARRL Handbook, Chapter 25 "Test Equipment and Measurements"
2010 ARRL Handbook, Chapter 8 "Modulation" and Chapter 15 "DSP and Software Radio Design"
Radio Frequency Interference, ARRL 1991, Chapter 5 "Transmitters"
The Radio Amateurís License Manual, ARRL 1983, Chapters 6 and 7, Advanced and Extra Class
The ARRL Operating Manual, ARRL 1980, Introduction and Chapter 12, Visual Communications

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