Bass Lake to Choinumni Park Elevation profile

August 22, Tuesday, Bass Lake to Choinumni Park

55 miles, 2989 feet

This was billed as the "easy day" with only 55 miles and not much climbing. After the late supper last night, it was decided that everyone would do the short option today, rather than the 68-mile route.

Power house seen from across reservoir

Choinuni Park is not far from Fresno, in the baking-hot central valley. So the good news is we had a lot more descending than climbing.

Lake seen from the road

The bad news is it was hot, especially the section along Pine Flat Lake. The last 10 or 15 miles I was flirting with heat exhaustion. I was stopping at every shady spot to try to cool off. I was so late coming in they sent a van to look for me. They found me lying under a tree by the side of the road about 2 miles from the end.

Turns out they had to unhook the van from the trailer anyway since the trailer had a flat.

Bike trailer with flat tire

When we got back to camp, they drove me right to the river. I shucked my shoes and jumped into the ice-cold water. Once my core temperature came down I felt fine.

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