2015 Puerto Rico bicycle tour, Day 6

Shore with ship

Friday Decenber 11, Ponce to Parguera

Elevation profile for day 6
60 km / 37 miles, 318 ft / 97 m of climb (200 ft/division)

Map for day 6

View over the bay from hotel Only 37 miles today, but with the heat it felt like more than that. No rain today and partly cloudy. The rare times when the sun was obscured by clouds felt good.

Today I rode with Art and tandemistas Kristie and Ray. I like Kristieís style, stopping frequently for refreshments. We have excellent navigation when following the tandem since Kristie can concentrate on that while Ray ďdrivesĒ. Thanks Kristie for this photo from behind our hotel for tonight.

The guys were impressed with how fluent I sounded conversing with a guy at one of our cold drink stops. They didnít know I was only getting about half of what he was saying. This Puerto Rican Spanish takes some getting used to.

Iíve been having a problem where occasionally, maybe every couple of hours or so, suddenly a loud clunking will start that I can feel through my shoes in the pedals. It feels like a stiff chain link, but each clunk happens at the same point in the pedal rotation, just as the right foot is starting the downstroke. If I just keep pedaling, after 10 seconds or it will start to slowly fade away. Iím thinking maybe bottom bracket? I did oil the chain this morning but it still did it a couple times today.

Street scene in Parguera As I was going to bed, there was some very loud music that came and went. It sounded like it was right outside my door, but I didnít see anything when I stuck my head out. I figured it must be a loud party in some other room and put in earplugs so I could go to sleep. The next morning I found out it was a Christmas parade going through town. It would have been nice to see it. Thanks to Art for the photo of the street scene.

I did have a short email from Sue. Apparently the trip home was stressful, including her luggage not changing planes in LAX. But at least she made it to Ohio. People have been asking about her.

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