My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Oaxaca 3

August 11-12, Oaxaca

8/11/06 Friday - The last day

In the morning I walked down to the Mercado de Artesanias but nothing was open at 9:30 so I hung around the Zócalo for an hour. When I returned I did find a hand-made skirt for Sue. He wanted 250 pesos, but I only had about 170 pesos on me so he said he would accept that price "just for me". Later I found an ATM so I can have some spending money. I stopped at an Internet cafe to confirm that my flights have not changed.

While waiting for the time to leave for dinner I went over and talked to the neighbor who had let me wait in his house the first night. I gave him a couple postcards of Sonoma County and we chatted for awhile about the teachers' strike, among other things. (Wilfrido is a maestro himself.)

The family at La Olla We all piled into Benito's old van to go to La Olla. It was Alejandro, Monica, Alejandro Junior, Benito, his wife, another granddaughter, and me. I think everyone enjoyed the meal. Monica took home the left-over chocolate cake for Dennise who stayed with the other grandmother.

When we returned, there was a young man waiting at the doorstep. Gregorio (Greg) had earlier lived with the family for 6 months while studying Spanish and archeology. He is just staying overnight before flying back to the US tomorrow morning. He had been on an archeological dig in Guerrero.

8/12/06 Saturday - Flying home

Greg's flight was only a half hour before mine, so Alejandro drove us both to the airport at 6 am.

I already mentioned that in 4 weeks in Mexico I had seen only one other recreational cyclist. Ironically, as the plane was taxiing for takeoff in Oaxaca I happened to look out the window and spotted a paceline of 8-10 cyclists riding past the airport.

They lost my duffel bag. When I went to claim by luggage at customs in Dallas, the bike case was there but not the duffel. My camera and GPS are in that bag, along with my panniers, tools, clothes etc. The other stuff I can replace but I sure hope I don't lose my photos.

[American Airlines did eventually deliver the bag to my house. The heavy, military-style duffel bag was ripped in half but all the contents were intact.]

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