My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Mileage

Miles and feet of climb per day

The kilometers/day are from my bicycle odometer and should be fairly accurate. The elevation data are from my GPS. Since my unit does not include an internal altimeter the data should be taken as a rough approximation for reasons explained elsewhere. (I used 99 feet of hysteresis in the climb calculations if anyone is interested.)

July 2390 km56 miles570 feet
July 30103 km64 miles1755 feet
July 31110 km68 miles7116 feet
August 150 km31 miles397 feet
August 266 km41 miles728 feet
August 33 km2 miles0 feet
August 446 km29 miles1493 feet
August 585 km53 miles3632 feet
August 600 km0 miles0 feet
August 790 km56 miles7402 feet
August 845 km28 miles2303 feet
August 944 km27 miles1102 feet
August 10107 km66 miles2297 feet
Total:  838 km  521 miles  28,795 feet

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