My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Day 12

August 10 Wednesday, Nochixtlán to Oaxaca

Day 12 map

Day 12 elevation profile
66 miles, 2297 feet of climb, 7707 ft max. elev. (200 ft/div)

Valley scenes Both traffic and services were extremely light for the first 60-65 km of highway 190 today. Most motor vehicles take the toll road which is shorter and much faster. At km 70 I did find a nice restaurant for lunch with an outside patio so I could keep an eye on the bike while I ate.

Traffic picked up quickly as I approached Oaxaca. It looked obvious on the map how to follow 190 right through town, but of course it wasn't so obvious in practice. Fortunately I had previously marked a waypoint on my GPS at Alejandro and Monica's house so I just headed in that direction until I saw a street name I recognized.

Nobody was home when I arrived about 2:30 so I let myself in with the key, took a shower, and started to sort through my stuff in preparation for packing.

They still hadn't returned by 7:45 so I hiked downtown to La Olla restaurant for dinner. I plan to take the family there for dinner tomorrow and I wanted to be sure I remembered where it is and confirm that my credit card is OK. It was a good thing I checked. I apparently had its location confused with the other restaurant where the SRJC group had met.

When I got back to the house they had returned and we talked for awhile. Everything is arranged for comida for tomorrow at 2:00.

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