My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Day 11

August 9 Wednesday, Teposcolula to Nochixtlán

Day 11 map

Day 11 elevation profile
27 miles, 1102 feet of climb, 8100 ft max. elev. (200 ft/div)

Facade of church at Yanhuitlán Both the guidebook and the Bicycling Mexico book mention the magnificent view of the church in Yanhuitlán in the plains below as you approach from the west on highway 190. Even though I was watching for it I never saw the church until I was almost there. It certainly is impressive, for its sheer bulk alone if nothing else. Currently it is closed for renovations so I couldn't go inside.

I saw my first recreational cyclist today. He was hammering up the hill coming out of Yanhuitlán as I was coasting down.

Church in Nochixtlán This church is in Nochixtlán. In Nochixtlán, the Hotel Roma has just one small entrance door on a side street. It was locked when I arrived and I had to ring the buzzer to bring the receptionist. The second-floor room is very nice for 250 pesos ($23). There is supposed to be a restaurant here also but I sure couldn't see it.

Jumble of wires at top of telephone pole This telephone pole is just outside my hotel room window. I'm surprised they don't have more problems with these kinds of installations.

I had comida at Restaurant Claudia: Noodle soup, flavored rice, beans, chicken mole, tortillas, two orange sodas, and a small dish of ice cream-like stuff for 42 pesos. She said business has been hurt by the maestros chasing the tourists out of Oaxaca. She gave me a photocopied information sheet about Nochixtlán. They had a line of computers along one wall so I was able to check my email.

Bike shop Later while walking around town looking for a grocery I spotted a little bicycle repair shop. Just out of curiosity I asked the owner what he had in 700C tires. He looked all through the shop and finally found one 700C x 25mm racing-type tire, but nothing suitable for a touring bike. The best choice for a touring bike that you plan to take anywhere in the world is probably wheels of 26-inch mountain bike size. You can get those tires and replacement wheel parts anywhere.

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