My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Day 10

August 8 Tuesday, Tlaxiaco to Teposcolula

Day 10 map

Day 10 elevation profile
28 miles, 2303 feet of climb, 7828 ft max. elev. (200 ft/div)

For breakfast I couldn't find "Rincon de Gon", the restaurant recommended in the guidebook which is supposed to be just a couple blocks down the street. So I had an omelet in the hotel dining room.

In the first 15 km or so there were a bunch of steep little hills. Then at km 18 was the first of two long descents. It felt good sitting bolt upright, not aerodynamic at all, and seeing the speedometer reading 56. Of course, that's kilometers not miles, but it still looks good. :=)

1226_templo.jpg The day was even shorter than I expected. Teposcolula came about 4-5 km before the mileage in the book. On the way into town I thought I recognized the ancient Templo y ex-convento de San Pedro y San Pablo described in the guidebook. It' famous for the Capilla Abierta, or "open chapel", an immense grassy area for the indigenous people to worship.

Town hall in Teposcolula Sure enough, the sign on the front of the town hall said "Teposcolula". I's pretty common that the town hall is the most elaborate structure in town.

I'm checked into the Hotel Juvi, the only hotel in town. 140 pesos for a small spare room with bath. There are screens on the windows. That's the first time I have seen window screens anywhere in Mexico.

Now I'm gonna find some lunch and then go check out the Templo.

The church in Teposcolula

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