My Cycling Tour in Oaxaca, Day 6

August 4 Friday, Pinotepa Nacional to Cacahuatepec

Day 6 map

Day 6 elevation profile
29 miles, 1493 feet of climb, 1427 ft max. elev. (200 ft/div)

Stream I left the hotel about 7:15. Traffic got lighter after I passed the turnoff to Acapulco. At the intersection there were a half-dozen soldiers, apparently some kind of checkpoint. They didn't ask to see any ID or anything so I'm not sure what it was about.

River, from the bridge I had hoped the road would start climbing today to get away from the coastal heat, but the terrain actually averaged down at first. The bridge over the river is only 90 meters (less than 300 feet) above sea level. I did climb back up some before the end. Cacahuatepec is about 430 meters a.s.l.

On the way into town I stopped at a little store to buy a Coke. I was in no hurry so I sat and chatted with some kids for quite a while. Or tried to. I seem to have more trouble understanding young people. Actually I've noticed that's true at home as well...

Restaurant El Trebo My room at the hotel right on the main drag is clean and comfortable, comes with a hot shower and ceiling fan, and cost just 120 pesos. I ate at "El Trebo" restaurant diagonally across the street. A large bowl of chicken soup, tortillas, and refresco (Coke) came to 30 pesos. That seems to be the standard price. At first she couldn't change a 200 peso note. Again that seems pretty standard. At small shops and restaurants anything bigger than a 50 or maybe a 100 is hard to change.

Cacauatepec library Cacauatepec is not a big town but they do have a very impressive library. It's just across from the plaza.

For dinner I couldn't find a restaurant open anywhere, at least at this end of town, so I bought a loaf of bread and a 7-Up and had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner in my room. Tomorrow morning breakfast will be the same thing.

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