2008 Gourmet bicycle tour, Day 3

Reflection of mountain in pool

Tuesday June 24, Three Lakes

Elevation profile for day 3
54 miles, 3668 feet of climb (200 ft/division)

Map for day 3

Sue taking a photo of a lake surrounded by trees Today we rode a big loop that passed by three lakes. We carpooled to the intersection of FH40 and Edison Ice Cave Rd and started the ride from there. Some riders drove farther, to the intersection of FH 46, so they could avoid much of the climb.

Sue riding on road with snow on both sides There was plenty of snow still on the ground at the higher elevation as we circled around Mt. Bachelor. The temperature was moderate the armwarmers went on and off several times.

Lunch was at a boating resort at Elk Lake, the second lake we passed on the route today. It was pleasant watching the boaters from the lawn above the dock.

I heard a report that Gary had a tire blowout two miles before the end of the ride. Linda had to drive back and pick him up.

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