2008 Gourmet bicycle tour, Day 1

Mount Jefferson

Sunday June 22, Crane Prairie

Elevation profile for day 1
54 miles, 1680 feet of climb (200 ft/division)

Map for day 1

Vin serving eggs from a skillet to Beth while Bob cooks the bacon It was freezing last night. There was frost when we poked our heads out of the tent around 6 AM. Even so, people had already been stirring long before, despite that Vin had announced the night before that the food for people to make their lunch would not be ready until 7 AM and breakfast at 7:30. The group has a brand-new stove this year to supplement the ancient Coleman stoves repaired and modified by Dave Allen years ago. The cook crew broke in the new stove with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, along with cereal, fresh fruit, etc. After breakfast, we packed essential items in the van and everyone was ready for the obligatory group photo (thanks Alfred for this copy) at 9 AM. We were ready to go a few minutes thereafter.

Marcia, Beth, Claudine, Linda, Alfred, and Liz on a wooden deck by a stream We car-pooled to the town of Sunriver about 10 miles away to avoid the bad road near the park. By then it had warmed up and we had pleasant riding weather all day. About mile 31, we found a wonderful wooden patio by a steam to eat our lunch. The ride was out around Crane Prairie reservoir and back. Although there were a number of possible short-cuts I think everyone rode the entire 54 miles.

Phil, Marcia and Vin climbing a hill Cooking duty for Sue, Alfred, Elsa and me is tomorrow night. When we returned to the Sunriver Business Park where we had left the cars, Sue and I bought some chicken at the Country Store market so we can pre-cook it tonight. Dinner tonight is taco soup. We have to clean up after dinner since tomorrow is our cook day.

The showers here at LaPine State Park are a 4 or 5-minute walk from camp, but are quite nice. They don't charge for the hot water and there is plenty of it.

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