2008 Gourmet bicycle tour, Day 0

Sue, Rose, and Brynn in front of Crater Lake

Saturday June 21, Santa Rosa CA to LaPine OR

Bird on wall in front of Crater Lake Today was a driving day. Sue and I rode in Rose's car with her friend Brynn. We had planned to detour to Crater Lake on the way up and do the 32-mile ride around the lake. The road is still closed to cars on the east side because of snow, but bikes can get through. The cycling information sheet we got from the ranger at the Visitor's Center showed almost 4000 feet of climbing which meant there was no way we could do the whole thing and still make it to camp in time for dinner. We decided to ride only part way and then turn around. But it kept raining off and on so we wimped out and contented ourselves with seeing the lake by car.

Changing a trailer tire by the side of the road Vin's party had some excitement when one of the trailer tires blew out near Klamath Falls OR. Fortunately, they were able to contact a Les Schwab tire store before they closed and buy two new wheels and tires. (Thanks Claudine for the photo at right).

That meant all the gear got to camp later than planned, but Vin and the rest of the first night's cook crew had the chili, salad and pie on the table in record time and a good meal was scarfed by all.

Vin speaking to the group in camp

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