2008 Gourmet bicycle tour, Conclusion

Saturday June 28, Tumalo OR to Santa Rosa CA

Farewell dinner The photos are of our traditional farewell dinner Friday night at the Tumalo Feed Company, a local restaurant in Tumalo.

The drive back home was long and tiring but uneventful. Vin's group planned to stop at Crater Lake and do the ride around the rim. Hopefully they had better luck with the weather than we did. Weather in the Santa Rosa area has been hot and smokey because of the hundreds of wildfires burning in northern California. We picked a good week to go riding out of state.

These Gourmet tours are as much about camaraderie (and eating!) as they are about cycling. They started well over 25 years ago and I believe not a single year has been missed since then. Most riders come back again and again and every year there are a few newcomers. It will be interesting to see if the group is still going 25 years from now, in 2033!

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