2007 Gourmet bicycle tour, Day 4

Wednesday June 27, Lake Almanor

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Elevation profile for day 4
38 miles, 1401 feet of climb (200 ft/division)

Map for day 4

A bald eagle high in a tree Before leaving camp this morning, we saw a bald eagle in the top of a tall tree. Sue took a photo with her telephoto lens.

Cyclist riding between two big trees on the path

Today we rode around Lake Almanor. The path along the south shore is very beautiful and enjoyable.

Cyclist riding on the path in front of the lake

Rowboat on the lake with Mount Lassen in the distance We had lunch at the same place as yesterday. The weather today was quite comfortable and the view was clearer thanks to the clean air.

Gary climbing a hill with Mount Lassen in the distance In Chester, we visited the Bodfish Bicycles store. We spoke a bit with the owner, "Bodfish" (Chuck Elliot), who is rather famous in the cycling world. He gave us some pamphlets and a free copy of his book "California Dream Cycling" to share with the group.

Bodfish Bicycles

Sue and I enjoyed a chocolate shake and a rootbeer float in the Lassen Gift Company which includes an old-fashioned soda fountain in the back.

A face appears in the foam of some spilled beer I discovered an apparition in a puddle of spilled beer on a table. The foam was shaped like a rather disturbing-looking face. Perhaps it's a sign from God. Unfortunately, it disappeared before I had a chance to sell it on Ebay.

Tomorrow is cooking day for Sue, Dave Allen and me. For that reason, we have to clean up after dinner tonight. For dinner tomorrow, we want to use up leftovers from previous days. There are a lot of ribs left over from tonight. We're thinking of stir fry.

There is a nice view of the lake from our campground:
Panorama of Lake Almanor

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