My Cycling Tour in Chile, Day 15

March 24 Friday, Cañete to Lebu

Day 15 map

Day 15 elevation profile
37 miles, 548 feet of climb, 682 ft max

Typical Mapuche clothing in the Mapuche Museum The Mapuche Museum in Cañete is justly renowned. I got there right when they opened at 9:30. I spent quite a while inside viewing the ceramics, jewelry, musical instruments, fabrics, and clothing. They also do a good job of putting the artifacts in historical context.

Mapuche museum

Jewelry display in the Mapuche Museum
Clothing and wood displays in the Mapuche Museum

Traditional Mapuche 'ruka', or thatched dwelling Outside the museum is a genuine "ruka", the traditional thatched dwelling. I have read that the straw is so expertly woven that not a drop of rain can get in.

Overlooking Lebu The ride today was uneventful. There's a beautiful two-mile descent, dropping down from the hills into Lebu. Of course, that means I get a nice warm-up first thing tomorrow morning. Coming to Lebu today actually makes tomorrow's ride a little longer since the distance to the Lebu turnoff is slightly shorter than the road from there to town, which I will ride tomorrow in the opposite direction.

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