My Cycling Tour in Chile, Day 14

March 23 Thursday, Tirúa to Cañete

Day 14 map

Day 14 elevation profile
37 miles, 955 feet of climb, 469 ft max

My last few days before returning to Concepción are short ones. That was by design. In case something goes wrong I'm not far from my airplane home. Today was only 37 miles, all on pavement. I had strong headwinds, but I figure that if one must have headwind, at least let it be on a short day.

Looking out to sea It was sprinkling toward the end of the ride. When it started to rain in earnest I ducked into a handy bus stop to wait it out. After a half an hour it was clear it wasn't going to let up so I put on full rain gear and rode the rest of the way to town.

Vista overlooking a cove On the way into town I noticed the Mapuche Museum on the left. If it hadn't been raining I would have ridden back to see it after checking into the hotel. Tomorrow is a very short day, so I can come back to visit the museum in the morning before heading back north.

The road starts down toward the harbor I ate in the Club Social on the plaza. This is another one of those restaurants that you'd never find if the guidebook hadn't told you it was there. For once I didn't have lomo a lo pobre. Instead I had congrio a lo pobre. Same onions, fried eggs, and huge pile of french fries, but with fish instead of steak.

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