My Cycling Tour in Chile, Day 9

March 17 Friday, Villarrica to Panguipulli

Day 9 map

Day 9 elevation profile
52 miles, 2041 feet of climb, 1434 ft max

Lakeshore The free breakfast at most lodgings in Chile typically consists of a couple pieces of toast or bread with jam and a cup of instant coffee or tea. At La Torre Suiza you get all-you-can-eat muesli, thick slices of dense bread with jam, yogurt, several kinds of fruit, and coffee or tea with actual milk.

Many of the guests are European tourists. I had a nice conversation at breakfast with an English couple about food, politics, teaching English as a second language, etc. You sure can have a more sophisticated conversation in your native language than in one you are trying to learn.

Overlooking lake. Parcels for sale I have seen a lot of property for sale. How much would you pay for a parcel here overlooking the lake and volcano? (I didn't check out prices.)

Gravel road with lake in background The ride today was on a good paved road south to Lake Calafquén and then east along the north shore. After passing through Coñaripe the road becomes unpaved as you head back west along the south shore, but the surface is smooth and well-packed so it's fine for riding on a road bike. Despite a few hills it was a fairly easy ride with lots of beautiful scenery. The weather was drizzling or threatening all day. So much for the weather report's "partly cloudy".

Overlooking farms with lake in background

Dock in Panguipulli The little rooming house I'm staying in tonight has a computer in the living room that guests can use so I was able to check my email. As I typed I could hear Mom in the kitchen washing dishes. The son, maybe 12 years old, seems to be a major contributor to the enterprise. For example, he's the one who lit the water heater so I could take my shower.

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