My Cycling Tour in Chile, Day 5

March 13 Monday, Los Ángeles to Angol

Day 5 map

Day 5 elevation profile
54 miles, 515 feet of climb, 522 ft max

Ruta 5, the Pan-american highway I did go to Nacimiento; it was only a few miles out of the way. I rode around the town for awhile without seeing what was so special. I never did find the plaza so maybe I missed the best part of town. Otherwise the ride was uneventful. It rained off and on much of the day.

The photo shows Ruta 5, as the Pan-American Highway is called in Chile. I crossed it just after leaving Los Ángeles.

Sylvestre the owl, Chile's Smokey the bear The United States has Smokey the bear and Chile has Sylvestre the owl. The sign shows him with some of his little animal friends and the slogan, "Help me protect life!" Pretty ironic when you consider that owls are meat eaters.

I stopped at the tourist office just before you cross the river into town. For lodging they suggested the Hotel Angol but I asked if there was anything less expensive. They gave me the address of a place with rooms available but when I went there I couldn't see any house numbers or signs advertising rooms and I felt funny just ringing doorbells at random so I ended up at the hotel.

Hotel Angol The reception is in the back of a nearby restaurant. Then you go a couple doors down the street and up some stairs to get to your room. This was the most expensive lodging of the trip (25,000 pesos, nearly $50). When I checked in I asked my standard question about hot water. She smiled condescendingly and said of course they have hot water. Well, I ran the water for 15 minutes without it getting hot. By then I was undressed and didn't feel like putting my sweaty clothes back on again, going back down two flights to the street, finding the receptionist, waiting for them to fix the water, etc. So I just gritted my teeth and took a cold shower. Strange that the most expensive place is the one without hot water.

Fountain in Angol plaza Angol has a particularly attractive Plaza de Armas at the center of town. At the center is a giant fountain with statues of women at the four corners representing the four continents.

The town's main tourist interest is that it is the jumping-off point for Nahuelbuta National Park in the coastal mountain range to the west. However I only have three weeks here and I want to see Valdivia and a bit of the lake district so I will head south and east tomorrow.

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