The Ranch


Outlaw Ranch is located a few miles east of Custer, SD. It is owned by the Lutherans Outdoors of South Dakota and sponsors a number of retreats and other activities as well as the Road Scholar program. The property is quite large with many buildings — they are quite proud of their brand-new visitors'center (below left). A large barn is used for services and for performances such as Art Red Horse's grass dance presentation Thursday night (below right).
Large rustic two-story building with porch Large, white barn with cross on roof

The first evening we were there, we walked up to the top of the hill to view the needles off in the distance. The photo at right is from the deck of the lodge where we stayed. The barn is just behind the horse stalls and a horse-drawn wagon is in the foreground.
Distant craggy peaks framed by tree branches Looking down at green fields with small barn

Here's another photo of the wagon and one end of the horse stalls.
Flat-bed horse-drawn wagon Horse stalls labeled 'Bunny' and 'Penny'

This is the lodge where we stayed and the path down from the lodge to the building with the dining hall.
Large building with two levels of fenced deck, viewed from downhill Concrete walkway leading downhill toward two-story building

This is the view from our bedroom window. The rooms are not fancy but they are comfortable, spacious and clean.
Green fields with fences and rock formations on the other side View of sink and closet

View of sofa, window and bed View of kitchenette with table, microwave, fridge, sink

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