Mickelson Trail from Custer to Edgemont

August 31, Wednesday, Custer to Edgemont

44.5 miles

This was our longest day. The good news is that it was almost all downhill. The bad news is that it was very hot.

There are wild buffalo in Custer State park, but we had to be content with seeing these domesticated buffalo in a field along the trail. The cave dug into the hill at the right might possibly be an old settlers' hut.
Buffalo in a field

Closeup of one buffalo

The ride started out in relatively verdant, forested territory. We had a water stop in Pringle.
Old barn in field with fences and trees in background X-shaped sign like RR crossing that says, 'Trail Head George S. Mickelson

There are lots of old mines of all types in these parts.
Signboard 'In the Lime Light' about old lie mine Mine ruins

The farther south we rode the more desert-like became the terrain. And it was HOT!
Trail with fence to right and small cliffs in distance Looking up over Sue's shoulder into the sun

Sunflowers growing by the trail There were sunflowers everywhere along the trail.

Mine entrance cut into the bottom of a rock cliff We were told this is an old uranium mine.

The ride ended in a park next to the real railroad in Edgemont. And, yes, it was hot!
Grassy area with trees, caboose and train on tracks in background Bank time/temperature sign reading 102 degrees

The program for the evening was a very interesting talk by Jon Nelson, co-author of the book Crossing the Plains with Custer about researching Custer's Black Hills expedition.

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