Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, NT Section 11

August 16 to August 27, Middlebury VT to Bar Harbor ME

NT Section 11 map

8/16/05 TuesdayGaysville VT
8/17/05 WednesdayOrford VT
8/18/05 ThursdayN. Woodstock NH
8/19/05 FridayN. Woodstock NH
8/20/05 SaturdayConway NH
8/21/05 SundayTurner ME
8/22/05 MondayWaldoboro ME
8/23/05 TuesdayHope ME
8/24/05 WednesdayHope ME
8/25/05 ThursdayEast Orland ME
8/26/05 FridayBar Harbor ME
8/27/05 SaturdayBar Harbor ME

8/16/05 Tuesday, Gaysville VT 41 miles

We had a short ride today but it included Middlebury Gap, about a 1600 ft climb.

Alan in front of Green Mountain Bicycles I bought a new rim at Green Mountain Bicycles in Rochester VT. Its a cool funky little bike shop with every no-longer-manufactured repair part you can imagine. (Tnx RonP for the photo)

Alan rebuilding his wheel We're in the White River Valley campground, Gaysville VT. I re-built my rear wheel in camp. (RonP photo)

I called my brother Jon tonight. He will drive up from his home in Wethersfield CT to our campsite in Orford, NH tomorrow.

8/17/05 Wednesday, Orford VT 44 miles

Don riding into a covered bridge

Kids with lemonade stand I bought lemonade from some kids just before the turnoff to Pastures campground. (Thanks Brendan for the photo)

Jon holding my cracked rim Jon drove up from Wethersfield tonight. I brought along my trashed rim from yesterday so he could admire it. He brought blueberry cake that my sister-in-law Shelly made and stayed for dinner. The campers across the way brought some baked fish and vegetables, so we had plenty of food. I asssured Jon that we don't normally eat like this. (Although lately...)

8/18/05 Thursday, North Woodstock NH 41 miles

Boat at dock with mist over the water There's a morning mist over the water behind Pasture's campground.

Bridge and Welcome to New Hampshire sign This is a popular hiking area. We talked with a through hiker where the Appalachian Trail crossed our route. He was one month into a 5-week trek. Later at our campground (Maple Haven Resort) a lady hiker arrived (by car) about 9:00 pm. There's also another group of cyclists doing a 500 mile tour.

The group sitting at table in restaurant Some of Brendan's family members came to visit and took him out to dinner. The rest of us ate at a local brew pub. Geoff, Don, Jeanne, Ron P (foreground), Maddy, Carol.

8/19/05 Friday, North Woodstock NH

Comfort Inn sign 'Hobo Railroad' I wonder if Eric stayed here?

Motorcycle parade This was a rest day in North Woodstock. We walked to Lincoln, about 2-3 miles away and wandered around. There is a Harley confab in town this weekend. I hope they aren't noisy tonight. We had to move our tents because of a screw-up in the canpground's reservations.

8/20/05 Saturday, Conway NH 42 miles

Kancamagus Pass sign It has drizzled all day.

We didn't get much of a view from Kankamagus Pass in the fog and rain. This is RonP's photo. His bike is covered with stickers of all the places he has visited.

We're staying at The Beach campground in Conway, NH. Brendan and I made dinner (chili) in the rain.

8/21/05 Sunday, Turner ME 63 miles

'Welcome to Maine - The Way Life Should Be' This morning we got up and made our soggy sandwiches in the rain. It finally let up in the early afternoon.

The filthy drivetrain caused another chain-suck episode in the early morning. I limped along - I had to walk many hills because of the jumping chain. I cleaned the bike at a car wash but it didn't help. Finally I noticed a chain link with a disconnected side plate which Don fixed for me.

Pond at the camp site We're camped at Martin Creek campground in Turner, ME.

8/22/05 Monday, Waldoboro ME 67 miles

We had lots of hills to climb today, but the weather was nice. We're at Duck Puddle campground near Waldoboro ME.

8/23/05 Tuesday, Hope ME 31 miles

Face on a tree It was a short but hilly ride to Brendan's place. As we rode up to the house we were greeted by an apparition.

Brendan in front of sign 'Welcome to Castle Curran' Here's Brendan in front of his workshop.

Brendan playing with dog Russ was glad to see him.

Table loaded with food Willow and her five-year-old son Zeb are house-sitting. Brendan's friend Mary arranged for a big pot luck.

Backyard with picnic table and picnicers Brendan's friends and neighbors also came to the homecoming. Brendan's house was built by him. He plans to renovate it this winter.

Cake with bicycle decoration and 'You Made It!'

8/24/05 Wednesday, Hope ME

Docks at Camden harbor Layover day at Brendan's.

Brendan drove Don and me to Camden where we got haircuts, shopped (Don bought a duffel), checked out the museum, and hung out.

Group seated at table, cracking lobster shells The group had a lobster dinner at "Young's Lobster Pound" on a jetty. They sell lobster downstairs and have tables upstairs.

Camping gear spread out on the hearth After dinner we divided up the group gear that doesn't go back to Adventure Cycling. I got a stove, fuel bottle and a couple of plastic kitchen utensils.

8/25/05 Thursday, East Orland ME 46 miles

Group at end of boat ramp with boats in background

We stopped in Belfast to dip our wheels at a boat ramp. The last nine survivors were: Alan (me), Jeanne, Don, RonP, Maddy, Geoff, Carol, Brendan, and RonE. Some boater was giving us a problem because he didn't want to wait a few seconds to launch his boat.

'Free Bike' with instructions for use Belfast has a "yellow bike" program (although this one was green).

WERU radio station with 'Welcome back Brendan' sign Brendan has a radio show on WERU.

Our last camping night is at Whispering Pines campground. We're eating all our meals out now to use up the pad.

8/26/05 Friday, Bar Harbor ME 47 miles

Don riding under a bridge with sign, 'Acadia NP, Cadillac Mt. Entrance' We elected not to take the long way through Acadia National Park. I think it was because there was no easy way to get onto the park road from the way we were coming.

Don and Maddy at the Bar Harbor Hostel sign Our final destination is the Bar Harbor Hostel. The problem is that it doesn't open until 5:00 and the Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop on the other side of town is only open until 6:00. But with the help of Goeff's rental car, I was able to get to the bike shop before they closed to retrieve my bicycle case that was being stored there. I also bought a couple items and Don left his bike to be shipped home.

Farewell dinner At the farewell dinner, Dave and his SU Donna, Ron P's wife June, and Shirley and Noah (remember them, the mother/son touring team?) all showed up. Left to right: RonP, June, Donna, Dave, Brendan, RonE, Noah, Shirley, Alan, Geoff, Carol, Don.

Noah and Shirley Here's a better shot of Noah and Shirley. (Tnx Brendan)

8/27/05 Saturday, Bar Harbor ME

The American Folk Music Festival in Bar Harbor On the last day some of us checked out the American Folk Music Festival in Bar Harbor.

Bicycle parking booth They have free bicycle parking, just as the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition does at events back home in California.

Sign: 'Bike Route End' (Tnx Brendan for the photo)

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