Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, NT Section 10

August 9 to August 14, Niagara Falls ON to Middlebury VT

NT Section 10 map

8/09/05 TuesdayHolley NY
8/10/05 WednesdayPalmyra NY
8/11/05 ThursdayFulton NY
8/12/05 FridayBoonville NY
8/13/05 SaturdayRaquette Lake NY
8/14/05 SundayBlue Ridge NY
8/15/05 MondayMiddlebury VT

8/09/05 Tuesday, Holley NY 83 miles

Maddy and Don riding the Erie Canal trail Most of the riding today was on the Erie canal trail.

Don taking photo of boat in the canal It has hard-packed gravel except the stretch leading to camp which was tacherous loose gravel. Tomorrow most of us will probably opt for the paved roads.

Camp site next to the canal We're camping on the bank of the Erie Canal next to the drawbridge at Holley, NY. We talked to a nice lady in a kayak named Chris, who paddled home, got her car, and ferried 4 of us to her house for showers. The showers next to the bathrooms by the dock are for boaters only - no "biker trash" allowed.

8/10/05 Wednesday, Palmyra NY 56 miles

Four photos showing locks opening and closing We rode the canal trail most of the day again. The photos show the sequence of a boat moving through a lock. The top two are looking upstream and the bottom two looking downstream.

For lunch we stopped at Jeanne's sister Josie's house in Rochester. She fed us a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, soda, and ice cream for dessert!

Tonight we're camping in Dale and Nina's back yard in Palmyra NY. They fed us a meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, 3 kinds of salad, beer, soda, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. I could get used to this!

8/11/05 Thursday, Fulton NY 68 miles

After a group photo we left Dale and Nina's house about 8:00. Dale rode with us on his recumbent the first 13 miles on his way to work.

We're at the North Bay campground in Fulton NY. It's cook night again for me and Brendan. There's a supermarket about a mile away. Before shopping I visited a laundromat while Brendan went to the bike shop.

8/12/05 Friday, Boonville NY 81 miles

We're staying at Brown Barn campground in Boonville, NY. On the ride today my rear tire blew out the sidewall, similar to before but with a different wheel and tire (Conti Top Touring 2000).

8/13/05 Saturday, Raquette Lake, NY 52 miles

The Pedals and Petals bike/flower shop I got a new tire in a combo flower/bike shop in Inlet. Don did our clothes at a laundromat while I changed the tire. Thanks RonP for the photo.

Don and Maddy at bridge into Raquette Lake As we were waiting outside the grocery to "peeloff" to ferry food to camp, we had a long conversation with "Bill" who is doing the Northern Tier in stages, credit-card touring this year. He was eager to talk to someone since he is traveling alone.

Tonight we're at Golden Beach campground, Racquette Lake NY.

8/14/05 Sunday, Blue Ridge NY 56 miles

The source of the Hudson River A thunderstorm hit camp just as the early risers were packing up their tents. It rained most of the day. But the temperature was mild - much better than hot and humid.

Herd of bison We saw a herd of bison just before our destination, Blue Ridge NY. We're staying at the Blue Ridge Falls campground. We're in the middle of the Adirondacks now.

8/15/05 Monday, Middlebury VT 45 miles

Walls and cannon at Ft. Ticonderoga Before crossing the border into Vermont we stopped to see Fort Ticonderoga.

Maddy clowning around on a (parked) motorcycle It's scary when you see your tour leader hop on a motorcycle!

On the deck of the ferry Don, Maddy and Brendan chatting with the fare collector on the ferry to Vermont.

Sunset over Amy and Brad's back yard Jeanne's sister Amy and Brad were nice enough to let us stay tonight at their place near Middlebury, VT. We're camping in their apple orchard with a grand view of the Green Mountains, which we climb tomorrow.

My new Synergy rim is failing. One spoke has pulled out a section of rim, similar to the failure on the Bontrager. It has only around 1200 miles on it. I hope it makes it the last 400miles.

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