Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, North Lakes Section 3

July 25 to July 28, Mackinaw City MI to Luther MI

NL Section 3 map

7/25/05 MondayPetoskey MI
7/26/05 TuesdayAlden MI
7/27/05 WednesdayInterlochen MI
7/28/05 ThursdayLuther MI

7/25/05 Monday, Petoskey MI 59 miles

There are lots of recreational cyclists on the lake-shore roads. At a snack stop, one couple on brand-new Waterfords told us they plan to do some touring. Another fellow in a pick-up truck loaned Brendan a left-over water baloon which he tossed in Maddy's direction. Later the guy squirted us with a water pistol as he drove by.

Maddy on an exercise bike Maddy obviously isn't getting enough exercise.

We're camping at the Magnus city campground in Petoskey MI. I should mention that Don and Eric have had a tit-for-tat insult/practical joke competition going. Don got way ahead tonight. As we were finishing dinner, the camp host drove up in his golf cart and said he had a complaint from a lady in a camper that Eric was seen peeping into windows. He said they can't have that at this campground and if he gets another report the whole group will be asked to leave! We all sat there with our mouths open - I think Jeanne was the only person who didn't fall for it.

Eric repeatedly denied it, "I walked up and down the road a couple times but I never did that!" Finally the guy said, "Your name is Eric, right? Maybe now you'll remember not to leave your dirty socks in Don's tent again!"

7/26/05 Tuesday, Alden MI 65 miles

We're camping in Torch Grove campground near Alden MI. The first 40 miles were hills, headwinds, and rain. I was on cook crew with RonE who got to talking with a guy in the grocery in Alden who agreed to carry the groceries to camp in his car. Then as we were preparing dinner we realized we didn't buy enough beans for the chili but fortunately the camp manager needed to drive to the store to get a gallon of milk so he gave me a ride.

7/27/05 Wednesday, Interlochen MI 48 miles

Cyclists on the dock with sailing ship on the horizon We're staying at Interlochen State Park. We could hear music from the famous Interlochen music camp nearby.

I called work today - my VSP application has been accepted. Now all I have to worry about is paying taxes on all the money I'm going to get. :-)

7/28/05 Thursday, Luther MI 60 miles

Camping at Four Seasons campground in Luther MI. I rode the 3 miles into town to help Don and Brendan haul groceries. At the hardware store next door they had cans of Deer Shit for sale. Don bought one for dinner.

I think I fixed my chain-jumping problem. While riding in the rain two days ago the chain sucked betueen the chainstay and chainring for no apparemt reason. (I was not shifting at the time.) Since then the chain has jumped intermittently (once every few minutes). Tonight I examined the chain very closely and found two slightly twisted links which I replaced.

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