Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, North Lakes Section 2

July 21 to July 24, Escanaba MI to Mackinaw City MI

NL Section 2 map

7/21/05 ThursdayManistique MI
7/22/05 FridayNaubinway MI
7/23/05 SaturdaySt. Ignace MI
7/24/05 SundayMackinaw City MI

7/21/05 Thursday, Manistique MI 48 miles

Camp site at Indian Lake We're camped at the Indian Lake Travel Resort. The lake is quite large. We're right on the shore.

We called Dave and Wes on Maddy's cell phone to wish them a happy birthday.

7/22/05 Friday, Naubinway MI 56 miles

Sunrise over Indian Lake The sunrise over the lake this morning was pretty.

Don at the wheel of a wooden tractor In the parking lot outside the restaurant where we had lunch were some wooden vehicles for the "kids" to play on.

Don's been driving a tractor on the family farm since he was 10.

Eric at the throttle of a wooden locomotive This is what Eric has wanted to be doing for a long time.

Maddy at the wheel of a wooden bus Maddy is the driver for this group of children.

I'm staying at King's Motel in Naubinway tonight because the campground at Hog Island Point has no showers and I'm getting tired of being dirty. I'll ride the 8 miles to camp tomorrow morning in time for breakfast.

7/23/05 Saturday, St. Ignace MI 57 miles

We're at Straights State Park in St. Ignace MI. Showers are 0.3 miles away from the group camp site and had no hot water when I used them. Still, that's a lot better better than no shower at all.

7/24/05 Sunday, Mackinaw City MI 11 miles

Carol and Jean with bikes on the ferry This was a pseudo rest day: From St. Ignace we took the ferry to Mackinac Island, spent the day there sightseeing, then took the other ferry to Mackinaw City where we are staying at the Tee Pee campground. This is Brendan's photo of Carol and Jeanne stashing bikes on the ferry.

Street scene on Mackinac Island with horses and bicycles There are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island. I rode all the way around the island and saw nary a motor vehicle.

View from the fort The fort overlooks the harbor.

Cannon at the fort ready to fire When we were there they couldn't get the cannon to fire.

After browsing the shops in town, we took the ferry over to the lower peninsula. I had dinner at an Italian restaurant half a mile down the road from our campground with Brendan, Geoff, and Carol. Our waitress was a girl from England working here for the summer.

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