Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, North Lakes Section 1

July 17 to July 20, Hayward WI to Escanaba MI

NL Section 1 map

7/17/05 SundayGlidden WI
7/18/05 MondayStar Lake WI
7/19/05 TuesdayCrystal Falls MI
7/20/05 WednesdayEscanaba MI

7/17/05 Sunday, Glidden WI 57 miles

Everybody said goodbye to Wes this morning. He still hasn't settled on a route.

We're staying at Marion City Park in Glidden WI. It's very hot again - the thermometer on the weather radio in my pannier said 98 degrees. There's no shower in the park but Geoff found an outside spigot and short hose so I bathed as best I could with my dirty shorts on and then changed into dry ones in the men's room.

7/18/05 Monday, Star Lake WI 81 miles

My rim finally became unridable 13 miles before the end of the ride. Fortunately there was a tiny bike shop in Boulder Junction. They sold me a 26" mountain bike wheel which should get me the 150 miles to Escanaba where my new wheel from Rivendell should be waiting for me. That does mean I have no rear brake for the next 150 miles.

Star Lake The campground is at Star Lake WI. No showers again. And I need to wash my sleeping bag at the first opportunity.

Jeanne with swimming goggles Jeanne found some swimming goggles lying on the beach.

7/19/05 Tuesday, Crystal Falls MI 75 miles

My bike with wheel strapped to the rack and Michigan sign Another new state. I'm carrying the old wheel on the back of the bike so I can ship it back to Rivendell.

We're camping at Runkle Lake City Park in Crystal Falls MI. Hot showers! I washed my clothes and sleeping bag at a laundromat a mile down the road.

I had my first technical question on my work voicemail. I called and talked to a colleague for 15 or 20 minutes.

Don and I plan to get an early start tomorrow as it's another 70-mile day and we want to get to the bike shop in the early afternoon.

7/20/05 Wednesday, Escanaba MI 80 miles

Don and I left camp at 6:30 and arrived at Mr. Bike about 2:00. Both Don's and my wheels had arrived. By the time all the work was done, the bill was paid, the panniers were re-mounted, we rode to Staples/UPS, fabricated cardboard shipping boxes, shipped the old wheels, and rode to camp, it was 6:00.

We're at the Pioneer Trails county park in Escanaba. We did 80 miles today.

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